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Originally Posted by Sylvie View Post
I have never thought of Munchausen by Proxy when I think of you, however I do think that you and hubby are wonderful people.

Thank you, Sylvie. It's mutual!

Thanks for asking about Bree, yes she has had a full recovery and is doing quite well. Her and hubby are so close that if she were human I would be jealous

Too funny!!!

Our Shadow is hanging in there and we just go day by day with her. She will be 14 in November.

Kobe and Keesha are doing well. Keesha is very nervous right now as we are having our roof shingled and she can't understand where all the noise is coming from. Poor baby. But she is more accepting than she was on Monday.
I'm glad to hear Bree is doing well! She's such a beauty
I'm glad that Shadow is holding her own too... it's so hard watching them age. Thorin is still very puppy like in personality and will to play. But his poor old body just doesn't cooperate. I think his Arthritis is really getting to him, so we may have to start the Metacam on a regular basis. And poor Keesha... Thorin gets really freaked out with noises that are out of the "norm" for him too. Give her a hug for me (and an extra treat!!).

Originally Posted by breeze View Post
why would anyone think that??? this has me confused

you are doing what you can for Nook, you know him much better than we do!!!!

before Bree turned 5 (this year) we had a very hard time keeping weight on her, (we thought we would loose her a couple of times) she also can't take any medication at all......she would eat and eat but always loose weight. The vets said it was IBD, so I started added seameal, kelp, and L glutimine to repair her bowels and a diegestive enzimes (have to go look up the name if you want it) , she was on this for 2 years, all the while she was losing weight, she went down to 60lbs at one time..but nothing we did helped... changed her food, made home cooked everything I could think of.. at one time we were giving her slippery elm, for the nurtrients and to help when she had a crisis..

then for some reason, she started to gain weight, why?? we don't know
she seems to have turned a corner but we are always on guard ,we are always very careful of what she eats. we also must make sure that she is eating enough calories for what she puts out....running and playing that sort of thing...
Breeze, I didn't know you had so many issues with your Bree
It sounds very similar to what Nookie is going through! I would love the name of the enzymes you used. We have him on Pancrease-V, but it's $70.00 for a small 100 gram jar . Along with his and Thorins herbs, his other medications and the home cooked diet for each, it's costing us about $1400 a month. So anywere we can save money at this point is a blessing

And for clarification, pbpatti was joking when she said it
It was around the same time that RottieLover was posting that she had put down one of the dogs she had "rescued" shortly after posting how much progress the dog had made, and was continuing to make. Munchausen by proxy came up in that thread a few times. Patti and I were talking on the phone and she was joking about it with me and I told her I had actually wondered if some people may think that, but hope not! It just kinda stuck in my head and now I can't help but think if people sometimes wonder because it seems like we are always having issues of some kind

But DH and I love both of our boys dearly and would literally do anything within our power to help them.

And thank you both
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R.I.P. my sweet, handsome Thorin. You are missed dearly Dec. 25, 1999 - Mar. 4, 2012
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