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Thanks to you both, DD and Winston

Frenchy gave me the recipe last year when Nookie was losing so much weight (due to muscle wasting from pred and before his EPI was diagnosed). I can't use it for Nookie, though. He is allergic to wheat and can't have the raw ground beef. He already has a really hard time fighting off the parasites and bacteria he comes in contact with. At his age, he really shouldn't even be susceptible to the worms he has had
Dr. marsden has him on a new herb mixture to help him fight those kind of things off as well as to help control the seizures. I'll print the recipe and take it in when I go to weigh him on Friday. Maybe Dr. Marsden will have some ideas to substitute for the things he can't have

The hardest thing is not knowing why he is still losing. It will be nice to put weight on him, but we need to figure out "why". He's such a complicated little guy.

And thank you both for the care and concern
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