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Nookie has lost another pound-we're stumped

Well, Nookie monster continues to lose weight. We're getting quite concerned. He has went from 110 lbs down to 85 lbs. The weight loss started when we took him off kibble several months ago. Then he went through a "spurt" where he lost a lot of weight very fast along with a lot of his coat. It became rough, brittle and very thin/frizzy. We found out he had both hook worms and whip worms. Ok, so deworm and all should be well! It has been 2 months now, he is parasite free (we have been doing weekly fecals). But he still continues to lose weight. The loss has slowed down to about a pound a week, but being free of the parasites, he should be gaining. I'm happy to say that his coat issues did clear up. He is now back to being thick, furry and very soft , but again, the weight loss is really starting to scare me

Dr. Marsden is NOT a fan of kibble, even though he was part of the panel to formulate Orijen. But he asked if we wanted to try kibble again (I think he is just as confused about the weight loss as we are). I told him no for one reason: When he was on kibble, he would spit up/throw up several times a day. Even on the complete home cooked, he would spit up/throw up depending on the veggies. But since we've had him on The Honest Kitchen, he may do it once every couple of weeks (usually when we add a new herb for the first few days or a new treat). So I really don't want to have to resort to the kibble again. He is getting between 4.5-5 lbs of cooked food a day (that's about 8 lbs of raw). Dr. Marsden had us add in some quality wheat free oats (1 cup a day), but it didn't seem to do much. So we're now giving him 1 cup of cooked barley along with the oats per day. I'm hoping and 'ing this will help. We will continue to weigh him weekly. In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions or think you may know what's going on? I know sometimes extra sets of eyes see things that ours don't

Just an FYI: His thyroid levels are in the normal range and his EPI seems to be under control. We thought at first that may be it, but his stools are formed and very normal looking. I'm sure we may be missing something to check, I just don't know what


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