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URGENT - URGENT - PIT needs foster home

Hi all,

I have an urgent case... A 2 yr. old Pitbull, sweet as can be, who is at risk of euthanasia if not placed by tomorrow. I had the lady bring him to the SPCA with guarantee that if he did not go up for adoption, I could pull him out eventually. I have no homes, so they were going to keep him temporarily for me. However, they could never get him on the scale at the vet, so he cannot be kept. They were going to euthanize him yesterday morning, for that sole reason that he did not see a vet, so I had the lady pull him back out. However, there is no place for him anywhere, the Berger Blanc will euthanise him. The lady cannot keep him, she has too many dogs and placed him until tomorrow with friends she "forced" to take him for a few days.

He truly is a sweet boy, I met him personally. I believe he is nervous and scared of the vet, but it does not warrant putting him down.

If anyone can take this guy temporarily, at least until I can find another foster home, please contact me at

I contacted the SPCA Montérégie, but they are full and cannot help at this time, however, his time is running out very quickly.

You can see Rocky at

He is great with kids, dogs and cats. Only thing is, right now he is not neutered, but I will take care of that as soon as he's safe.
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