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Talking When winter ends and spring begins with the foxes...

I visited a friend's place about a week ago, and took the opportunity to bring my DSLR camera and snap some shots of his beautiful foxes.

I also took better quality pictures of myself and one of our own foxes, Vixey (arctic fox) Some of the Red fox kits are already born (but only a few) and all of the other Vulpes Vulpes kits will point their little noses in our world in the next 2, maximum 3 weeks (but I'd go for 2 weeks).

As for the Alopex Lagopus (arctic fox), Vixey, if everything turns out well, will have her babies in about 2 months. Arctic foxes are always a bit 'late' compared to other fox specie, due to the fact that they usually live in the northern regions of our planet, and if they would've gave birth at the same time as the red foxes, the kits would die of cold.

We're working on opening a bigger facility right now, and start making educational activities with our foxes, as well as small TV appearances. Let's keep our fingers crossed for what might happen this spring/summer 2013!

Without further chit-chatting, here are the pictures...
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