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Oh, a bit like our Crested Shrike Tit in that one respect maybe? And our Restless Flycatcher. Both of those, like your Cardinal, have the slight erectile crest plus other stand out features, the former is bright yellow, black and white, while the Restless Flycatcher has glossy blue-black above, white below, and its voice is continuous whirring hisses when hovering, like a 'scissor's grinder', which is what their nickname is. Three once seen, never forgotten birds. I can't get over the Cardinal though, it's just so red, even its beak - unreal!
I have to be right on the ball in lambing season to keep the lambs and ewes safe from crows and have had a lamb pecked in the eye , so nowadays the minute the lamb arrives I put ewe and lamb in a yard and old stable right near the house, letting them out once I know the lamb is 'with it' enough to jump back from a crow . Fortunately the closer I get to having pure Dorper lambs, the stronger they are at birth.
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