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ok, a few questions:
1)How do I know how much to feed each dog - so I know they are full, but not being over fed??
2)Do you think they will be happy being fed RAW once a day and then maybe having kibble down for later in the day?? Because of my work schedule, I can only feed RAW in the morning/early afternoon time(I can't count on anyone else to feed them RAW). I work afternoon shift and don't get home until midnight and they usually like to stay in bed or just cuddle when it's that late. They never eat that late!!
3)What about rice? Do you feed them rice?? What kind of rice??
4)You really don't cook the meat?? I don't think they will be to particular on their food temperatures IMO, but i won't know until i try it!
5)So I can go to the grocery store, buy a bag of chicken thighs or legs and they can eat them the way they are???? Except of course, I'd rinse them well first! Even the bones too right - as long as they are NOT cooked??
6)Can they eat RAW liver??? I thought I heard it had to be cooked, but i don't remember the reason why.
7)Do I have to worry about supplements for them??

Ok that's it for now!
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