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Raw food for pets - BARF diet

Those of you who feed RAW, tell us everything you know about it, how to go about it, how to prepare, store and whatever else may need to be done to the food in order to serve it to our dogs!! Where to buy it, what to look for and whatever else you can think of we may need to know! I'm sure I'll have dumb questions even after all your info is here!

This is my new thread about RAW so my other thread about cheaper dog food( didn't get hijacked with all this new info!!

I, myself, don't like touching raw meat because it just grosses me out , but if it's good for my babies, then I'll do it for them! I'm not a big meat eater either, so my knowledge of meat preparation and storage etc. is minimal - ok so are my overall cooking skills but hey, that's what take out is for!!!!! LOL

Let the lesson begin!!!
Never mind the dogs, beware of the owner!!!
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