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Originally Posted by Promethean View Post
You are an idiot to ask for proof, that is not possible in science. Proofs are for mathematicians. Science deals with evidence

That would be an ignorant approach that only someone like you could suggest.

Because the scientific evidence indicates they make a connection with things and actions only humans have been found to make associations with mental states.

Bright boy, you contradict yourself, make up your mind.


getting into an arguement about logic with an electrical engineer probably isnt a good move for you.

how about you take my words, and twist them around to make some clever off-hand remarks about proofs and evidence? or about me knowing what my dog is thinking, when i said clearly, no one knows.

youre really intelligent, definitely shines through.

typical nose-in-the-air aura of scumbag.

im out.

have fun posting on a message board thinking you are saving the world.

time to go kick some puppies.....