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Originally Posted by Lynne_B View Post
Mommakat, did what I reply to you make sense at all? I don't take it personally if you agree or disagree, but I did want you to understand Brad's motives better in the video. Did I explain it well enough? Let me know if you have any more questions (here or in a PM if necessary).
lol I got distracted by other posts sorry . I do understand what your saying , I still of course (as you may have sensed ) disagree with it, but you did clear up what I originally thought was happening.

I will never be a Brad or a Cesar fan (Promethan I have never heard of Don sullivan ) . It is however , nice to read about others experiences with their methods and type of training.I did post the Video so I could hear others opinions, so I'm glad you responded and even found the video informative. I like to think this thread isn't really about convincing that one is best over the other, because that would be too much like saying that one way of dog training is the only way to train Dogs, and I don't believe that would be true either , because as someone stated before, each handler and dog are different.

Some opinions have been very strong (and a little heated ) but I like to think this thread is more about weighing each trainers methods (like Brad vs Cesar) and even putting them against other methods and other well known trainers in Canada and in the states. We have mentioned Clicker training and how it's used in Zoos and Aquariums and now in Dog training. We have discussed other Trainers (some I have not heard of ) like Ian Dunbar,Karen Pryor ,Susan Garnett , Ben Kerson and their methods. We also gone into lengthy discussions about Dogs body language.

I'll quit rambling on but , All in all I have found this discussion very interesting .
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