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Originally Posted by Blackdog22 View Post
I think your missing 4 key words in Prometheans post, "how about this scenerio".
Nobody is right or wrong. No dog is the same as the next.

I do happen to know MANY dogs that do react even worse when corrected while stimulated. I own one. But like I said, not all dogs are the same. I think logic is really lost in the game of dogs.

For instance, some of your methods and expectations would NEVER work for me and my dogs.

when i tell my stubborn dog to "go lay down" when i am eating - and he instead plops down in a sit and stares at me; i stand up, walk at him, snap my fingers and say "GO!" he ducks his head low, he gets his butt up and he goes and lays down

My dogs don't bother me when I'm eating. Period.
Sometimes they walk by, usually avoiding eye contact(sometimes giving a longing glance), acting cute and happy, in hopes I will toss them a tidbit. They do not beg in the first place. I find that digusting. I certainly don't have to stand up and get in my dogs face to get them to leave me alone, either. That does not make what I do RIGHT and it does not make what you do WRONG

Everyone is different just as every dog. Your way of life is no better or worse then mine. For you to condemn a training method, with little experience with it, is IMO ignorant and ridiculous. I suppose the same thing can be said about Promethean too. Promethean, what experience do you have with "ceasers method", have you practiced it, attended seminars, observed it thoroughly in person?

To each there own I suppose.

what training method did i condemn?

secondly, my dog tests me like that on occasion, and when he is feeling stubborn i DO have to get up in his face to get him to listen. and thats fine with me if thats what it takes for him to get the point that i mean business when i say "Get out of my f-ing face when i am eating"

that said, i understand you said you were not right necessarily, nor was i wrong necessarily.

i agree.

i do what i need to for MY dog to understand me.

you do what works for you and yours.