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Originally Posted by Promethean View Post
How about this scenario:

Brad jerks a dog for no reason while the dog was looking at a child. The dog then associates punishment and pain with children. The result is a dog that will see a child and expect an aversive event. In order to avoid this event he will strike out at the child in an attempt to avoid this punishment. Brad reacts by punishing the dog for barking thereby cementing this association of child=punishment making the dog dangerous to all children.

My scenario has the advantage of adhering to our understanding of animal psychology and cognition.
prove to me that the dog associates one with the are you going to do that?

take a survey by asking them?

how do you know the dog doesnt associate the correction with the mindstate of fixation?

you dont.

if you say you do, youre lying to yourself.

no one knows what a dog is "thinking" (dogs do NOT think, they react). if you pretend to, you are fooling yourself only.

dogs do learn through association of actions and reward/consequence.

but claiming that you know what action is associated with what reward/consequence is absurd.

you are claiming to be a mind reader...and you look like an idiot.