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i think if you view cesar as an abusive person/trainer towards dogs you're a complete fool.

he never does anything with anger or frustration, he is always calm.

touching your dog on the side to interrupt his fixation on someone on a bike is not abusive.

touching your dog with your heel to re-direct him back towards you and away from little kids running and screaming (prey drive kicks in at these conditions sometimes) is not abusive.

not letting your dog run away from the situation by holding firm on the leash while he bucks and chokes himself is not abusive. in fact, a lot of dogs choke themselves while walking and being chronic pullers..are those owners abusive for allowing chronic pulling?

please, dogs are animals. animals sometimes require firm handling. especially when fixation takes over and everything else flies out of the window.

if you are a positive trainer, thats good for you. dont come into a thread about people who use other methods, and get on your sopabox, preach to everyone like youre holier-than-thou and act like a self-righteous d**cheb*g.

its disgusting.