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I can agree with having a dog/puppy desensitized to being handled, but what I took from it is that he (Brad) uses it as a punishment or consequence to chewing. I also have seen dogs taught to take treats gently and not to snatch food from hands.

Lynne B I'm glad you have had success with Brads training methods. I like to consider myself fairly open minded (I know I may not seem like it but I do try ) . I got my first dog a year ago and my second dog in January . I like to keep an eye out for all kinds of dog training methods and views. I will also say that I have benefited greatly from some dog savvy people that helped me realize what kind of dog owner I want to be to my dogs.

Even though I am new to the dog world I like to think I know my dogs pretty well and I know myself well (at least I hope so ) and I don't think I could ever want to do the kind of training that Brad and even Cesar (or folks like Brad and Cesar) ,want people to do.
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