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Originally Posted by Promethean View Post
Cesar is another in a long line of trainers who use force to get their point across. His view of wolves is right out of mexican folklore, his application of this folklore to dogs is unjustified and his use of metaphysics is unwarranted and out of place.

His application of punishment to drive a dog into helplessness is not effective in the long term and detrimental to the dog-human relationship. The reason the dogs are often panting when Millan calls them "calm" is because they are highly stressed from the constant punishment.

But he does have something over Pattison; at least Millan doesn't scream at dogs.
Just out of curiousity - where is it stated that Ceaser gives constant punishment? What is the punishment? How is there evidence of a detrimental dog-human relationship?

You obviously know something we don't so please do share. Thanks.