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Originally Posted by Dakkar View Post

Well, my friend picked up my kitties for me last night and they've finally come back home.

Originally Posted by Dakkar View Post
Puffy is STILL nursing off Princess and she's allowing it. Not nursing like when she was a baby, but more like it's dessert if you know what I mean. Puffy is 9 weeks old now, should she still be doing this?
Totally normal and probably more of a bonding thing than a source of nourishment. My Cinnamon Girl would let Carrot and Peppercorn, the 2 boys I kept from her litter of 5, nurse for months, probably even past 4-5 months. She wasn't producing any milk, they just liked the whole ritual (and it was often after they ate, so kinda like dessert as you said, or preparation for a post-meal group nap). Gotta say, it was pretty hilarious to see 2 big boys (bigger than her by this time), lined up at the "wet bar" like that. I think I even have a picture somewhere, if I can find it....

Originally Posted by Dakkar View Post
we're all calm now everyone is home.
So very happy for you and the kitties. Enjoy them!
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