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Well, my friend picked up my kitties for me last night and they've finally come back home. It was just after 9pm, but I caved and gave them their 6p wet food dinner. (Princess seemed pretty skinny.) I have never seen those cats eat like that before... You'd think they just came off a fast or something. But after they had full bellies they calmed down a bit.
Princess is being very clingy again, but that's okay by me. I think we had a marathon pat/hug/brush session after she'd eaten. It was just over an hour before I had to try and spend some time with Puffy. Not that it stopped Princess from hovering.
Puffy's gotten bigger! Not a lot, but noticeable. She's not as clingy as Princess but was definitely in the playing mood. We had a good 20 mins of chase the red dot (laser cat toy) and about 15 mins of mouse on a string. Eventually my arm got sore and she decided it was time to play catch up on her climbing games. Which was fine by me... my arm was sore.

They've both just had breakfast... They ate that late as well but that's my fault. I managed to get some sleep last night, almost 10 hours. I guess my body is trying to recover from the last 2 weeks. I was awoken by Puffy trying to stand on the back of my head and Princess head-butting me. Now they're off taking their "I just ate" nap.

Something peculiar is still going on though. Puffy is STILL nursing off Princess and she's allowing it. Not nursing like when she was a baby, but more like it's dessert if you know what I mean. Puffy is 9 weeks old now, should she still be doing this? After playing last night and today, I know that she has her full set of teeth... so I know this cannot be comfortable for Princess, yet she just lays there and does it anyway.

Everything seems to be sorted out now. I'm just short the Vet bill that cost me the $100, but I was told I would get that later in the week. Which is fine I guess, Princess is slated for Spaying at the HBSPCA at the beginning of October, so that leaves plenty of time. I'm going to have to find out what flea drops were used on them and the date... I have Frontline Plus here, but I can't apply it 'til the other has worn off.

TL;DR - we're all calm now everyone is home. Thanks everyone for the advice.
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