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well we are on pill number five and she just went poop four times in the last half hour. Heck not even a half an hour, 15 mins more like it.

Sorry for discription, first poop was semi solid (slight bit of mucus), and then it went down to last poop was just liquid coming out (mostly mucus and yellow liquid)

I feel like a moron, I called the vet and left a message, he will return it as soon as he is not busy. I know he said wait seven days, but he also said that I should see improvement.

I don't know if I am stressing her out giving her pills....or if something else is wrong. She wasn't too interested in having lunch, could be a couple different reasons for that, 1. she had too much poop in her to eat 2. she was busy playing with Dex 3.She doesn't trust what I am offering her.

It's so hard to explain, she is a super smart dog......and a whole ball of stubborn. She doesn't eat pill pockets, she doesn't eat peanut butter, she doesn't eat cheese whiz (yes i tried it even though it is icky). Her favorite treats are green milkbones (can't hide a pill in those) and cow hooves. Having to give her pills makes me crazy!!!! Why don't they make some of these meds in liquid........I do believe that it would be easier to put a suppository up her behind than give her pills too.

I have a question.....can I crush these pills up?? My mom just called and said she cooked a turkey today, I can have the bones (Zoe loves turkey broth) and some meat.

Or is this just me not being patient enough for the meds to work?
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