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Sorry to hear that Zoe isn't feeling well. Hopefully, she is on the road to recovery.

I have used Pill Pockets (a meaty treat) to hide pills. When my kidney failure dog wouldn't eat anything, I did open her mouth, put the pill at the base of her tongue and blow a puff of air at her nose--it made her swallow. This was done in her final days and we had many, many pills.

My older dog was given a round of Flagyl last spring for stool with scant drops of blood and mucus. His stool sample was negative for parasites. What the vet thought caused this was ingesting large amounts of hair and passing hard hairballs in the stool. It irritated his intestine. I give some Laxatone weekly to help him pass the hair. My dog has long hair and licks his paws and the carpet. (We have addressed allergies throughout his life.) Just wanted to mention this in case Zoe has long hair. Hope she feels better.
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