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I am very surpised the rescue didn't notice that they were not eating
I know. I think when they first found them the kittens were *trying* to eat. When we brought Teeka home on Monday she was nibbling at things, licking them, but in general not eating much. I wrongly assumed that she was a kitten, just little, that's why she wasn't eating a lot. She vomitted a few times when I first brought her home and that only increased until we took her in on Thursday to the vet for her first trip, at which they discharged her too quickly, after having her on an IV. They even told me when I picked her up that Teeka had ate for them and drank and that she seemed to be doing well, just to make sure she kept eating when I took her home.

It wasn't until last night after we dropped her off again for her second vet trip that we were told on her first visit, she would actually only dive at her food when they first gave it to her as if she was really hungry, but then after a few licks, she'd curl up in a ball...which is exactly what she had been doing all week with us, so if they had told me the details I could've insisted that she was 'not' better.

I don't think anyone really considered this to be very serious until I brought her back last night (and the other family brought their kitten in as well) and they realized the 'not eating' thing was more than just a change of environment. :sad:

I've called the clinic and am pacing the floors waiting to hear back what results they have on Teeka.
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