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I realize that Sunshine thinks she's playing, and that this isn't intended as aggression. However, she is already the same size as the two oldest cats and bigger than the kitten. She could do serious damage as she gets older. I was hoping for suggestions on training her to ignore the cats, or at least be gentle. I don't intend to let them sort it out themselves, I want to train Sunshine. The problem is Sunshine is young (10 weeks) and excitable. We have started basic obedience but it is reliable only in absence of distraction. (Cats definately count as distraction and the minute training starts they show up to make sure none of the rewards are appropriate for cats.)
rhartjr- I like the idea of noise makers so the cats can hear her coming. To answer your question, Dr. Seuss grew up with an older dog. Hd is used to big dogs, but ones that don't move very fast. IF she was gentler he would probably play with Sunshine quite happily. Don't know Misty's background, but ever since their introduction, Sunshine has been respectul of Misty and while she does playbows, stays away from Misty's invisible "no dogs allowed" boundary. Misty seems perfectly comfortable scaring away a rambunctious puppy. MooBoots had never seen a dog in his life until he met Sunshine. Half the time he is fascinated, sneaking up to investigate, the other half he is screaming for help because she caught him before we could stop her, and she has hold of his middle or his tail. ( Seuss and Mooby both have lovely fluffy tails that hang down and twitch. Irresistable to a puppy intent on chasing everything that moves and eating anything that stays still. IT doesn't help that any time we throw a toy, Mooby thinks he should be chasing it too.)
She knows about cat "treats" from outside, but we barricaded the litter boxes so only the cats could get to them. NO surgeries for our puppy because she swallowed cat litter.()
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