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ownedbycats, we are in the same boat as you. Poor Katie got drug in to a home with eight indoor cats. Never a dull moment around here. The first thing she got when she came here was a cat collar (collar with a bell on it) as an early warning system for the cats. Now with two tags and the bell they can hear her coming a mile away. While we do have the chasing thing we don't have the biting thing. She will lunge and nip but will not bite them.

Bless her heart she tries so hard to get them to play with her. That's usually where the lunging and nipping comes in along with the playbows and barking. That's also where we step in. Then we either refocus her with focused exercise, fetch in her case, either inside or outside or she is forced to "calm down" usually placed on the couch with us or in her crate.

When you hear the pitter patter of little feet and a cat flashes by with pup in pursuit then the pup comes flashing by with the cat in hot pusuit then thats playing. If the pup traps a cat under the chair and its hissing and boxing thats not playing (at least to the cat). If the cats get into it she is immediatly stopped from joining in and told to leave it alone. There do have to be consistant boundaries set and them consistantly enforced.

Letting them "sort it out" or a strict no chasing no harrasment requirement really is a tough call and we pretty much play it by ear. But as stated before, I believe there must be clear boundaries that are consistantly enforced. My experience has been that the pup will lose interest in the cats as it grows up.

Have your cats been around dogs before? My cats have always been around dogs and my dogs have always been around cats, we've had no real issues in thirty years of a mixed household (knock on wood).

Has Sunshine discovered those delicious puppy treats that hide in the litter box yet?

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