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Oh dear, big wound for a little Sheltie. Big cuddle for her. She was lucky it wasn't the eye injured. Speaking of which, her eyes are quite striking, aren't they? You know how Shelties and Collies get Collie Eye Anomaly(CEA)? Well, someone in Scandinavia mentioned that if you take a photo of a sheltie using the flash on a digital camera, those with CEA shine pink, but those that are clear of CEA shine a golden brown. I'm sure that everyone who had their shelties tested in the past by a canine ophthalmologist started taking photo's to make sure that was right, and yes, for mine it was. It does NOT work with blue merle's eyes and I imagine sable merles either, but then they can be hard to read by conventional means too.
Watch that terrier with Roxy in future, I'd add 'the nasty little brute', but I know what terriers are like. My childhood Fox Terrier took on a GSD just because he liked a fight, not a good idea as his side was ripped open by the Shepherd.
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