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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
IMO I think in order to feed a raw diet you need to do lots of research. You need to decide what you want from the diet and what you want it to do for your dog(s). Whether or not you include bone should be another factor of your research. If you want the calcium/nutrients the bone provides you can buy a good quality meat grinder and the bone can be ground fine enough not to cause any issues. If you want the benefits that chewing a bone provides you need to ensure you are getting the right size bone for your particular dog(s). I am not saying accidents don't still happen. They do. The same as accidents can happen when doing a lot of other things.
In this article:
it says:
Many veterinarians state that they see more problems and health complications dealing with dog toys, chewed clothing, Christmas ornaments, and plastic bags than they do from bones. Is this because few people are giving their dogs the bones based on veterinarian advice or is this because bones are actually safer in reality than we have been led to believe?

I am not saying it's a must to feed bone. I am saying every owner needs to decide what diet best suits their particular dog(s) and their lifestyles and go from there. Just my .

Another interesting read.......
Excellent suggestion on grinding . It is ALWAYS much better for any animal to get it's nutrition naturally than chemically. Of course the only downfall is the lack of teeth cleaning.
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