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Originally Posted by totallyhip View Post
What a cutie! Poor little guy :sad: I feel awful for him.

What were you feeding when you fed raw? was it just meat or bone too?
Also what kind of reactions does he have when you say he is allergic? hives? throwing up? diaherria?

Its so upsetting when our babies are sick.
When we tried raw it was meat only - but he always got bones anyway. Now, though, he can only enjoy the bison smoked bone without getting diarrhea.

Upsetting is right! I am literally at my wits end - the vets only want him on heavy meds - when the vet wanted to go to prednisone I backed right off. He was on a steroid and he was worse (energy-wise) than before the meds. He now gets glucosamine, acidophilus, salmon oil and chlorella and on this combination he has been doing extremely well - no flare ups of his arthritis (sorry, I forgot to include that in the "known" in a previous post).. He is an extremely lovable boy - a brat when he's feeling well though
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