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Originally Posted by JanM View Post
Both Bobby and Amber get a good grooming at least every second day - I use a bristle brush, a steel comb, a shedding comb and a regular hair brush to finish off. They both get pedicures every 4 weeks at which time they get clipped by the groomer. I do their ears with Coconut Oil whenever needed - and it isn't very often. So I would say they are well groomed. Neither dog has had an ear infection - a couple of times there has been was buildup but it's taken off pretty quick so it doesn't get a chance to fester into a real infection. I don't routinely shampoo them - I don't believe in shampooing animals unless it is absolutely necessary because it removes the natural oils in their hair which they need for protection. Other than that, I'd say they are reasonably well taken care of in that department.
Sounds like you do a great job. But please note that coconut oil is not an ear cleaner. To clean ears, the cleaner needs to be poured into the ear & rubbed around (this is called flushing). If not done in this fashion, the fluid is unable to drain down into the horizontal canal & the ear drum sits at the base of the horizontal canal.

Most shampoo products strip the natural oils from their skin; however, others actually contain jojoba oil, which penetrates into 3 layers of the skin. If the skin isn't routinely cleansed, they get a build up of particles within the hair follicles, which can cause problems. I'm a specialist & these are the facts.

All this is discussed in my article about golden retriever grooming.
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