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Originally Posted by Khari View Post
Most people (me included) will recommend Raw because you can stick to one type of meat with no fillers or extra ingrdients. Kibble has many different fillers, meats, grains, rice, corn, veggies that many pets are allergic to. So it is really hard to eliminate the source your pet is allergic to.

If your dog is having these types of allergic reactions you will have to try one meat at a time as recommended above. Eliminate one by one. No vegetables No nothing except for meat/bone/organs from the same meat source.
I did try the elimination routine when we tried Raw but he had diarrhea so bad on all raw meats that I stopped. This was when he was a puppy. I really can't remember how long he was on each one but I do remember that both of us were absolutely miserable with his diarrhea - he was squirting liquid and had to go all the time - day and night. It wasn't a nice time for time for either of us..
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