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Have you tried each food protein seperately?

We feed raw and have been doing so for many years. When we first started Luke on raw he was doing great. Then he developed allergies about a year later. We did not take him for testing at the vet. What we did was an elimination diet. This I had to do personally for myself too in the past. Huge pain in the ass but gotta be done

We fed beef (just plain beef...nothing else) for about 2 to 3 months and there was no reaction. Then we fed chicken (again just plain chicken) for about 1 month and he had a reaction. So we went back to beef for another month or so till his reactions were completely gone. Then we tried turkey for another month and he had a reaction. Gone back to beef for another month till it cleared up and tried pork for 2 to 3 months with no reaction. Then we went to lamb for another 2 to 3 months with no reaction. And with each food we just kept doing the same thing. So it was a LONG process but so worth it. But you have to stick to just 1 food nothing else for a while and then you know you can eliminate that one food. Hope that makes sense
Now we know what he is allergic to...... all poultry.

Honestly there has to be something your poor little baby can eat.
I have heard that sometimes dogs will develop reactions to certain foods because they eat too much of it. Not sure if that is true or not???
Good luck. I know its tough road but once you get it figured out your dog will feel so much better
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