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dog comunicator

well i have now paid and fill out all the form and awaiting to hear from that lady
i had wanted to get in touch with other communicators the last few days but after going on their website i just did not get good vibes from them something did not feel right
as soon as i went on carol i felt good about her so she is the one i chose
will keep you guys updated
i was able last friday to communicate with zoe the message i got then was that she was fine that all day i expected to see her any minute it was strange have not been able to connect with her since and i was not able to find out if she was alive or not
so hoping to get some answers with that lady
have try to hire someone who has a dog trained in tracking have had no luck so far all the one i found do people only
found one in the state sadly enough as much as i would have love to hire him he is way beyond our means
anyway thank you for your support will keep you updated on our progress
keeping my finger cross
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