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If you cannot get them back why don't you take this public?

This is a very cute story, and a local paper would likely be interested. You could contact them, and at least save some people the same heartache you have suffered.

You say you talked mostly though facebook, is this the womans personal page or the shelter page? If so, post your complaints / concerns right on the page for others to see.

Did you use google to find the shelter? Write a review. Basically google this place and leave a review on any review site you can.

Be careful only to state facts, and do no slander, just post what happened and what you are trying to do.

You can also put up kijiji ads, etc etc.

Some people may think this is a dirty tactic, but trying to warn other people is a good idea, I think, because if someone had told you, you would not have surrendered your kitties! It might help.

It's so sad!

On the plus side though, because all your conversations were via FB and Email this is actually a GOOD thing, as it is all date and time stamped, so it can all be entered into evidence for a civil case. So if the woman has agreed to something via email, or done anything to compromise herself, you have it there.
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