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I am just reading this now and definitely think you need help with this. I hope the police are able to help you before this person puts your 2 kitties up for adoption. Hopefully BenMax will be able to help you.. she definitely will if she can, she has a large network of rescues she deals with.

I also wonder about the facebook messages, I hope you have saved them all and can show the police the conversations. It may take that to get them working harder on this. You also should make sure you save the emails, both the ones you send and the ones you receive from this rescue group.

You also mentioned that this woman ran the rescue out of her home, 14+K and BenMax talked about a rescue group and that's why I'm wondering about this person you've been dealing with, is she definitely part of that group you first contacted?

I also wanted to ask you what happened when you contacted legal aid, because you may need a lawyer's letter to get her to stop putting them up for adoption.

I really hope you get some good news tomorrow Dakkar and I wish you the very best of luck. and hope you see your kitties tomorrow.
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