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Princess was brought to my attention by a neighbourhood Tom. I leave dry food out for the cats that live in our area. He's a very, very friendly guy and pretty vocal when he wants patting. One day he showed up for food with Princess (unnamed at that time) in tow. She was very shy and reluctant to come near me. So the next day I picked up some cans of Friskies from the convenience store and when they made their nightly appearance I gave them each a can. A week or so later, Princess came inside my house and has never tried to leave. She became very clingy, but she was pregnant so I let her be. I used to put a pillow on my lap so she could sleep on me when I was on the computer. I cleared out my closet for her and placed down a lot of linens on the floor for her to have as a birthing space. However, when she went into labour at 3am on June 24th 2012, she chose to come into my bed. Now, I'm a nice guy and all, but I carefully took her to the place I had prepared for her. I sat with her until 8am, making sure she was comfortable. Petting her and encouraging her during the birth of her babies. (I may have also taken pictures, but don't let her know, k?)
I just remembered why I added that. lol. I was trying to show I don't wander far from home.

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