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@BenMax - It appears I do not have the ability to PM. I saw something about this when I registered, but apparently didn't give it much thought at the time. I like to be transparent in most of my dealings. I'm guessing I thought I wouldn't need to PM anyone and therefore it didn't register in my head that this could ultimately be an issue. Well, until right about now. That being said, I noticed that someone had posted saying they knew who I was talking about, so they may be able to PM you. I'm not sure how they know, as I tried to avoid identifying remarks.
As for pushing buttons over finances, I wouldn't worry about it. lol. They are what they are, I try to not get upset about it.

@Love4Himies - How bad were the fleas? I guess that depends on who you ask. From living with them for their full 8 weeks and the additional month and a bit with Princess... I saw fleas but they weren't noticeable until a day or so before they left. I used the cat brush on them a fair amount and never really noticed much of a flea problem. As I stated before, I had purchased flea control for them but I was following the advice on the package. Now, I was told first that they were not being returned because of fleas. It was then upgraded to infested with fleas after I notified them I had contacted Legal Aid, the SPCA, and the police. I've been living here for 2 weeks with no cats as I've said before. If my apartment was truly infested, I think I'd know by now, being the only meal available. I have a moderate allergy to bug bites (Mosquitoes, fleas, anything that injects saliva). But, in all fairness to the claim of fleas, I picked up the Diatomaceous Earth to spread around. I cannot fumigate as it is not within my power to do so. If the kittens had been infested with fleas... as the kids on the internet say... 'Pics or it didn't happen'.
I take issue with the flea complaint because it quickly switched to a money complaint when the police officer stopped by. If fleas were truly the reason, why switch?

@(I forgot, sorry) In regards to the money. The $100 wasn't unreasonable, it was unexpected. I never had an issue with paying for the treatment. The problem occurs when I was told after the fact. After rent and bills and groceries and cat supplies and cat toys were purchased. So with what I had at that time, I offered what I could, a payment plan. I offered it twice, and if she said yes to it right now I would fulfill my obligation. No problem. No matter how much I dislike this situation or some of the people involved, the stress that is destroying my life... I would still honour that agreement. However, what I have done in an effort to get this over and done with is drag my TV to a pawn shop, got the other $50 so I can pay it all at once. When I say I have the money and would like to arrange getting my cats, the cost goes up.

I am in no way an animal rights crusader. I believe in animal rights, but I do enjoy cow for dinner. When I took that lovely cat from my backyard, I wasn't championing the cause of the underdog(cat). I wasn't trying to make a statement. I saw a chance to make that one cat's life better and in doing so, increase the joy in mine. Cats are one of the greatest things to grace our lives. The intelligence to leave us alone when we want their attention and the constant desire for our attention when we want to be left alone. They are better than any alarm clock on wheels that hides so you can't hit snooze... when it's breakfast, you best get out of bed if you know what's good for you.
They have so many admirable traits I could write a book. So I wasn't being a do-gooder... I did what I could for an animal that needed my help (or so I'd like to think). She proved grateful by only having a litter of three. One of which I chose to keep so Princess could have company other than mine. It broke my heart that Dot and Mark couldn't stay, but I did the best i could for them by trying to find the best way to ensure them a good home.

In retrospect, would I do this all again? Of course I would.. I'm stupid. Hopefully the next time I'd do some shopping around instead of picking the first one that seemed to fit what I wanted. Damn you Google! :fist:
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