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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
So do you have the funds to reimburse the rescue for the vaccinations? If so, have made contact to arrange giving them their payment?

How bad were the fleas? Fleas can cause health problems, including anemia and death in kittens, so the Rescue should have been very concerned about them and they should be treated by a vet to eliminate them. There are flea treatments for young kittens, I've had my 5 week old fosters treated for them by a vet.
L4H - they now want not only the 50.00 each but costs of boarding as well.
Yes fleas are an issue, but this person took the cats off the streets, gave them shelter and then asked for assistance.
To me, he has gone above and beyond and why would any rescue give someone who has done all this a hard time?
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