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Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
Dakkar this story is very disheartening. Being involved with several rescues myself, I have never heard of anything like this before.
I would like to know what rescue this is. Though I am primarily with dog rescues, the rescue world is very small and everyone knows everyone. I can get a hold of my contacts to find out more about the rescue and their policy. The only thing that I am relying on at this point is the fact that 14+K knows who they are and I highly doubt she would affiliate herself with an unethical rescue. That being said however, holding the cats for money is D-I-R-T-Y and I don't care if the rescue is reputable - that in my opinion is deplorable.
So the cats had fleas. Big deal. There are products that can be used (and I have used it myself) that kill fleas in the home. They could have at the very least advised you what products to use. That would be a sign of good faith right there. Also, charging $50.00 per cat for vaccinations ONLY is high. That does not sound like the rescue rate. I am assuming the cats were not sterlized for this cost? If they were then $50.00 per cat is very low and I can see them asking for the expenses incurred by the rescue. BUT what is really WRONG is them charging boarding! That to me not right at all.
I have an idea as to what has happened here and please excuse my directness. As you are on a limited income I think they feel that perhaps you may not be able to financially carry the costs of having two cats. I think they are looking long term. If this is where they are going with this, then they should tell you how they feel about it. That does not make this right however. In my opinion, everyone regardless of financial status has the right to have an animal to love and care for if they are qualified and committed to do so.
Another thing is bothering me. Where is their surrender contract??? Every rescue has one as it is proof that they took the cats with the consent of the owner or person in care. It is not a legal contract but if matters should go to court for whatever reason, then this is evidence of intent.
The police are correct. This is a civil matter. I am afraid the only way to get these cats back my be through the system, that being a lawyers letter and so on.
My other thought on this matter is that there is two sides to the story (which there always is). If I were you I would ask them bluntly the REAL reason why they feel the need to do this.
If there is anyway that you can tell me (by PM) who this rescue is, I can find out at the very least if they are reputable or not or if there is some background or other experiences regarding the group. If I have an inside contact with this group, then I can do some poking and at the very least find out why this happened. If I do not have a contact, then I am out of luck. If there is something fishy about them, I can get the word out about your experience.
There a good people in this world that truly care for the welfare of animals. You seem to be one of them. In the end you have saved lives and perhaps sacrificed your own joys of watching them flourish. If that is the case, then please do not stop caring for the unwanted. Your intent was human, your actions as well. Their is a light at the end of this, and it just may come back to you in another way.
Sorry this happened to you.
This is my biggest concern too, the OP did not sign any surrender contract,.
Every shelter has a pet owner sign one when giving their pet up. I feel the OP was mislead by the rescue shelter and you you may be right about the woman making a judgement on the OP not being a 'fix parent' to the kittens.
I think there so very fishy about the whole too, and I hope the OP will PM you so you can do some poking . I have to get use to saying ' poking' as I call it investigating. I am very suspicious about the cats being held for ransom, I feel that is what it is. I think this is a very sad thing but it should be a reminder to pet owners to be sure to get something in writing when leaving your pet(s) at shelter for any service.
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