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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
I so agree and that is why I feel there needs to be a written request done by a lawyer with a deadline for the rescue to respond in writing.

I was also wondering about a surrender contract, but if the OP was expecting to get the cats back, except for the two kittens, perhaps there wasn't one.

I am neither for or against the OP to get the cats back as I don't know the rescue's side.
There should have been a surrender form at the very least for the two other kittens.

Something does not compute though. Why is the rescue making it difficult to get the cats back? Are they worried that they will not get the remainder of the money? Is it about money or is it about something else.

Blunt but to the point:
Did the person who picked up the cats see something in the home that made it unsafe or was living conditions not up to par? (meaning messy, disjointed?).
Was there something that was said that made the rescue feel that the animals would not be well cared for?
Was there rude communication?

My thoughts are this: there are so many cats in the system. Why would the rescue not want to give the cats back as it would leave them room to place two others?

Something is wrong somewhere, but whatever the reason, someone needs to speak with the OP and say why they feel the need to keep these cats. I think if the OP knows why, then perhaps she will understand.
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