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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
There are always two sides to every story, we are only hearing one.

If the rescue didn't specifically say they were going to pay for vaccinations, it should have been assumed that they wouldn't.

I can't imagine a rescue holding onto to cats that could be returned to a wonderful home as they are always so full and there are so many cats in need. Also, I have 110% trust in 14+kitties opinion on a cat rescue in her area.

My advice to the OP is to ask Legal Aid if they will write a letter on your behalf and send it registered to the rescue with a request that they respond by a certain date. That way if you have to go to court you have something in writing.
We are on the same page L4H it seems. However, the tactic that is used in this by withholding an animal and charging boarding is terrible.
Whatever the rescues reason is (based on the other side of the story); honesty is the best policy. If they do not want to return the animals, then they should clearly say why. Truth hurts but at the same time, everyone should hear the truth.
Also, a reputable rescue would NEVER return unsterlized cats. So if the cats were not sterlized for this $50.00, then that would be the third excuse as to why they will not give her back the 2 others because if she cannot afford the $50.00 each and the boarding and the sterlization costs, then it is making it impossible for her to get them back period.
Also, where is that surrender contract?
I am very PRO rescue. Always have been and always will be. What bothers me terribly is that some rescues are so anti people that no animal has a chance at a home. Nothing will be perfect enough. I am seeing this more and more which is doing no service to the animals.
I am inclined to think that there is another side to the story, and it would be great to find out what that is.
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