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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
The woman could be a hoarder, I would try to talk to the polices and see if they had any complains about the woman. It sounds like she is running some kind of scam. I wonder if she will take your money and not give your cats back to you. I would think you need some kind of license to have a shelter for animals. You could check this out with the city hall and see if the woman has a license. If she does not you could have a case against her. Good luck and I hope you can nail this woman. Your kittens much be missing you like crazy.
Good idea to call. I wonder the same about the money too. Maybe if you pay she'll just poof along with the cats! This is so mortifying. I have the impression of something shady going on, or out of place.
So you're being punished for giving those kitties a hand. That is awful. Now I'm worried about where the other 2 little guys are going since it all seems so weird.
In good faith you got in touch with a rescue and this happened.
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