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Originally Posted by Dakkar View Post
I would say the day or so before she had come for the kittens, I noticed a few fleas. A couple on the Mom (which I caught and squished) and one on Dot (female white kitten). It escaped my wrath. I haven't seen many fleas in my apartment, yet I do have some bites on my ankles and feet. Nothing in too great a number, seeing as how I've been the only blood for them in the past 2 weeks I'm assuming an infestation would have eaten me alive by now. My floors are all either laminate flooring or ceramic tile, so they don't have many places to hide.

I did buy some Diacemaceous Earth, an all natural; safe for people and animals; pest killer. It's basically fossilized fresh water organisms that contain silica and on a microscopic level are very sharp. It kills by getting onto the pest (any bug with an exoskeleton) and forcing it's way in their bodies. At which point the pest dehydrates to death. Sorry, I figured I'd explain it in case anyone ends up here by accident looking for flea solutions. And if there are, you want the food grade variant. A medium container cost me $27, and if you're in Hamilton and want to know where to buy it, you can PM me.

To get back on track, No she didn't provide anything in writing. I didn't sign anything. I didn't even know there was anything I needed to agree to, so as far as a verbal contract all I have is her saying she would return them the next day.

Yeah, it looks like I'm going to have no choice but to show up at this woman's house (where she runs the [rescue] from) with a friend, a camera, and probably a phone call to the police. Hopefully tomorrow will be emergency free in Hamilton. Regardless of how this all went down, she is a fairly older lady and I don't want to appear to present some sort of threat to her. I just want my kitties back and to never hear from her again. It appears I may have been 'victim' to one of those people that do this as a hobby and are not actually proper 'rescue shelters'.
The woman could be a hoarder, I would try to talk to the polices and see if they had any complains about the woman. It sounds like she is running some kind of scam. I wonder if she will take your money and not give your cats back to you. I would think you need some kind of license to have a shelter for animals. You could check this out with the city hall and see if the woman has a license. If she does not you could have a case against her. Good luck and I hope you can nail this woman. Your kittens much be missing you like crazy.

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