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OK, I read the whole thing and everyone's suggestions. Our four cats came to us the same way as yours. It isn't even supposed to be four but it looks like #4 is staying. Sigh.

My only contribution is please try four litter boxes and put them in different rooms if you can. Then I'd make sure each cat knows where the new boxes are and I'd let them pick their own. For us we find one box is used by two cats for poop and the other for pee. One cat has her own box for both and #4 is still shut in a safe room at night with his own box.

Oh, that's another idea. Can you shut the bed pee'er in another room at night? We do this because #4 is feral and we don't want him reverting to his nocturnal behaviours and tearing around the house all night. We try to play with him as much as we can during the day so he will sleep at night.

Another thought, sad thought, but maybe four is just too many? One of ours is positive that one is enough and we have to be careful or there will be bad, Vet trip needed, fights. Did your problems start after your #4 arrived?
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