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Hi Mom2Kitty.

When you mention a cat peeing on you is a sign of affection....

i was reading in another thread about a cat that got all growly at a boyfriend of a lady.... That was when I kinda started thinking.... the cat only peed on me when another person was in my house.

I really am beginning to believe that I owe the cat an apology. I think she was saying "I know you aren't being entirely truthful with my poo box cleaner / treat giver" (have you EVER known a cat to have an OWNER??? <smile>)

I have tried the formula I mentioned from a spray bottle, like the ones for plants, and so far seems to work very well. Which would kinda make sense. (Hydrogen Peroxide = anti bacterial, dish soap = loosens stuck on stuff, baking soda = absorb smells).

And I keep the cats off of it until I am sure everything is dry / clean.

Hope things go well for you. Please let us know how things go!

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