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Originally Posted by azrael2000 View Post
they were cats people threw away.
Ya, people sure suck sometimes. But then there are people like you that right the wrongs and make the world a better place.

Originally Posted by azrael2000 View Post
The UTI diagnosis was done by the vet by collecting a sample (while he was there) of urine, and whatever test they do. The vet said he saw crystals.
Probably just in-house lab work, which isn't the most accurate for diagnosing urinary tract infections. I suspect the crystals were probably the main issue, and those are quite common in cats fed kibble. What do your kitties eat?

Originally Posted by azrael2000 View Post
Cleaning the box ... I do that twice a day, or whenever I happen to go down into the basement where it is kept.
Great! Except that if you only have 1 litter box for 4 cats, even 2x/day may not be enough. Definitely add more boxes if that's the case, perhaps in a different area of the house if you can.

Do all your cats get along? Even if there isn't any actually fighting, there could be subtle territorial issues that involve the litter box (thus, the reason for putting another one in another location). How much vertical space do they have? Any cat trees or shelves they can use, which would increase the amount of available territory?
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