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Lol... well long story short, she was not working out Eve really hated my other cats and was trying to attack them under the door... and the breeders mom who adopted her out to me was really missing her as well, so I ended up bringing her back yesterday, and the breeder had another retired girl who was ready to go home that I brought back instead.

Sooo here is Makalia! (Mah-kayla). She seems to be fitting in MUCH better. I let Mr. Kitten come in and they sniffed each other and she had no problem with him. She just needs to get spayed soon as well

She's a black tabby.. sort of a smokey color and has stripes on her legs. She is much more laid back than Eve... Eve was super high strung, so given how she was trying to attack the cats under the door pretty severely, I was nervous about having her in the house.
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