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Longblades, how terrible! Thank God the man was okay! People can be such morons sometimes. As you mostly know Shadow has bad SA and can't be left home alone. This presents some HUGE obsticles in the summer heat to say the least. We shop alot at Costco near us because they have an underground lot so I can leave the car in the shade inside. Other than that, DH and I argue alot about why I won't go out to the flea markets and such with him, but I simply won't leave the dogs in the car. If it's more than 5 minutes it's out of the question, and even then I'm in panic mode! I do leave them outside in our back yard if I have to go somewhere in the heat, and fortunately the neighbours all love them so nobody complains when they bark their discontent. . Even at that though, it's not more than an hour alone in the yard (which is securely fenced).
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