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Originally Posted by lindapalm View Post
I can not imagine 50-60 baby geese, along with the adults, the area near our pond is wall to wall poop with only 14. My husband "bothered" them with the noise of the lawn mower, and they left for 2 days, but were back. Do you think next year the babies will come back to the same place with their mates, or don't they do that? Do they only take the babies to places with ponds, or to corn fields too? The babies are so goofy looking, they look like little dinosaurs when they walk. We're going to have to rent some border collies in the spring next year, ours is useless, she just watches them from afar.
Does't take them long to grow does it? and their poops along with them At first it doesn't seem too bad but pretty soon it's a mess. Geese deposit approx. 1 1/2 pounds of feces per goose per day.

They do like to return to the area they were hatched but the young won't usually begin breeding as yearlings. They are usually 2-3 before they start breeding. When the goslings are little they'll stick close to water because they feel safer there from predators. Once they can all fly they'll go where ever there is food, sometimes hayfields, golf courses etc. If they still have lots to eat around your pond and they aren't disturbed they'll probably just stay there but if food runs out or they get too bothered by you, the dog, the lawnmower etc. they'll take off for greener pastures. Often once they're able to fly you'll see and hear geese up in the skies around dawn and dusk. As fall comes on they do more and more foraging flights that serve a double purpose...find more food and prepare for the fall migration.
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