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Originally Posted by NoahGrey View Post
While yes, K9s are used to control goose popualations, these are trained individuals (like gail) with a permit.
Have the regulations been updated in the last 2 years? The copy of the regulations I have states that no permit is necessary for harassment (I'm not talking about oiling, relocations etc, just basic harassment). I printed a copy back in 2009 which at the time stated it was current to April 2009. If it's changed since then I need to get a new copy.

Under the section titled Permits Respecting Birds Causing Damage or Danger:

24. (1) Any person may, without a permit, use equipment, other an an aircraft or firearms, to scare migratory birds that are causing or are likely to cause damage to crops or other property.

(2) The chief game officer of a province, with the concurrence of the Director, may grant a permit to any person residing in the province to use and aircraft or firearms, in the area designated and during the time specified in the permit, for the purpose of scaring migratory birds that are causing or likely to cause damage to crops or other property in the area.

(3) No person shall, while scaring migratory birds pursuant to subsection (1) or (2) kill, wound or take such birds.

and then of course subsequent sections go on to address permits being issued regarding eggs, nests, killing, relocating etc.
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