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The purpose of the migratory Bird Convention act is to impliment the convention of protecting and conserving migratory birds - as populations, individuals birds and their nests.

“hunt” means chase, pursue, worry, follow after or on the trail of, lie in wait for, or attempt in any manner to capture, kill, injure or harass a migratory bird, whether or not the migratory bird is captured, killed or injured;

any of the above, can result in fines and jail time.


Section 13 (1.1) Every person or vessal that commits an offence is liable:

(a) on conviction or indictiment to a fine of not more then 1, 000 000 or too imprisonment for a term of not more than three years or too both;

(b) on a summary conviction of a fine not more then 300 000 or too imprisonment for a term of not more than six months or both.

While yes, K9s are used to control goose popualations, these are trained individuals (like gail) with a permit. Anything else would be classified as harassment and such. Ie: just letting your dogs run a muck chasing birds, trying to deter them from your property.

Lets just hope that the returning birds have not already nested, while your dogs are chasing the adults away. Too much stress on the birds, they will abandon their nest.

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