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Hi Gail. Yes, it seems to be their thing. More so than my Shelties come to think of it. Only trouble is when they are really old like Perkins and Cuddles you have that risk that if they vomit after eating scads of grass, they can choke. I have now had both of them scare the daylights out of me doing that. Perkins vomited, apparently couldn't breathe, so he tried rushing to me. Went splat right at my feet. Forelegs out the front, hind legs in the frog legs position, chin on the ground and out to it. Then Cuddles the other day, down she went after vomiting, struggling to get up and couldn't, fell on her face, no control of her legs. Both times I have hauled them into the air with both hands around each side of their flanks, and thank heaven, with a few lifts they have recovered. We have never let our dogs have unsupervised exercise, which is a good thing in these sorts of instances. My sister bred a sheltie that died after vomiting one day when its owner was away. I find my shelties LOVE the weeping mulberry branches. They will trim them to head height the way you see sheep prune trees in paddocks. LOL.
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