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i agree with others on here. When traveling always have a larger carrier. Since it is a long drive, you want your kitty to be comformtable. I am home for the summer, but i go to college in the North...which is 10 hours away. I have a medium size dog carrier..(my kitty is a fatty and overall a general a big cat for a calico) she can ly comforable, sit straight up, turn around no problem. I also line it with a comfy towel. I also have a small litter pan for her as well, that I put in every hour for a bit, then take it out..(just so she has more room)

She doesn't use the litter at all, during the 10 hour drive and we have driven it twice so far (third time coming up in the fall, for last year of school). Before I am going to do the 10 hour drive, i don't feed her as much. I don't want to upset her stomach to much on the drive, plus since I know she will not use her litter, it will decrease her having to use the washroom and make her uncomfortable (since I know she will just hold it) I do bring water, that i pour usually in tim hortons soup container, since it comes with a lid. Again, she can't be bothered to drink it.

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