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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Looks like a beautiful area, Gail! How long were the trails? From the pics, you got in a good bit of training The dogs' butts and tails look very happy!
The trails around there go for miles, much further that I am training for. Lots of the mid-distance/distance people come to the camp for training runs, they are often going out for 20-40 miles or more. The main trail that we were using is a 15 mile loop around the hunt camp if you keep staying left whenever you come to a fork, but I only did 5-5 1/2 mile runs, so they were out-and-back runs on the same trail for me.

The dogs were very happy to have a new place to train, and one where we're not doing laps around the same short trail. Even by the end of the runs they were still very strong and eager, especially once they were within earshot of the other dogs at the camp that were barking, they would go blasting back up the driveway and over to my truck. Really nice to see that kind of energy I'm looking forward to racing them.
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